Sep 19, 2017

Grilled Cajun chicken

I had lunch at a restaurant serves wine and grills in Machida today.
Salad and Monchiero Carbone Pelisa Barbera d'Alba from Italy.

Spicy Cajun-style grilled chicken is very delicious and goes with Italian Barbera red wine known for high level of acid and the perfect balance of flavor... yummy!!
台風一過、また暑い日が戻ってきましたが、暑い日にはスパイシーなケイジャン・チキンが香りも味もよしで食が進みます・・・夏も終わりだけど、夏にぴったし! スパイシーな料理に負けじと香よく強い酸味のイタリア産バルベーラ種の赤ワインが料理を引き立ててくれますね!!


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