Dec 14, 2017

A year-end gathering at 山の家(hilltop shack)in Machida, Tokyo

I was going to join a year-end gathering at a hilltop radio shack in Machida, Tokyo yesterday. We all are ham radio operators being on the air and making radio sets at the hilltop radio shack.

(note) from left to right... JQ1VRA, JA1GJP, JE1GMF, JA3LKE

Delicious dishes... We obtain a variety of fresh ingredients from our local vegetable garden. And the main dish was sukiyaki-style kamonabe (duck hot pot)... yummy!!!

We are crazy about microwave equipments... Now, big on 5.8GHz FPV... Measuring transmission characteristics by a spectrum analyzer.

We had the happiest time at the hilltop radio shack... thank you all !!

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