Aug 27, 2017

Annual Special Open Days in JAXA Sagamihara

I had fun being on the air at the ham radio special event station 8J1GINGA in JAXA Sagamihara on Aug. 25 and 26, 2017.


The special event station 8J1GINGA commemorating the 30th anniversary of GINGA sister city relationship. Sagamihara is one of GINGA sister cities. GINGA means Galaxy and it is the key word for JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) promotion activities.

A young ham radio operator and the latest high-end gear.. wow!

And an old ham radio operator and a mobile gear easy to operate... hahaha

交信に疲れたところで?ファイト一発リポビタンD! 大正製薬から差し入れ!!!
Health drinks sufficiently supplying full of motivation...

I listened to the lecture by Dr. Kuninaka of JAXA... The Hayabusa ion engine developper.

The model of Akatsuki... a planetary probe...

We, all members took a photo to remember this...

Many thanks to make contacts with us... thank you !!


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