Nov 1, 2017

Tandoori pork(タンドリーポーク)

I had lunch at a restaurant serves wine and grills in Machida today.
Salad and Hojyo Wine Vintage Red from Tottori, Japan.


Tandoori pork... an Indian style dish consisting of spice marinated pork and vegetables.

Absolutely delicious and the flavor is really good... goes with rich (full-bodied) red wine... yummy!!
インド料理によく出てくるタンドリーチキンのポーク版、、香りを嗅いだだけでよだれが出そう! おまけに、リッチな鳥取県産のメルロー種の赤ワインがスパイシーな料理に負けず劣らずで料理を引き立ててくれます・・・実に美味いです!!。


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