May 21, 2018

A local development project in Ofuna(大船まつり)

It was fine yesterday and I went to Ofuna, Kamakura to enjoy its food and culture at Ofuna Festival.

 It was extremely crowded...

And I went to have lunch on arriving the festival...
An Ichiya's catering service car for tempura... とり天で有名な「いちや」の移動販売車

Tendon topped with chicken and prawn tempura and spicy green onion...

And a side dish... A thick rolled egg (Japanese style omelette) with boiled young sardines.

Not a frozen sweet, but an omelet... hahaha

The most popular shop in the festival... 鎌倉ハム富岡商会

There was a long line... I was going to give up on eating the best dish in the festival.

I had a good time to enjoy Ofuna, though it was crowded and a short period...

The Goddess of Mercy of Ofuna...


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