Jan 5, 2018

New Year QSO Party 2018

I had fun participating in New Year QSO Party at the observation deck of the roadside rest area in Kusatsu hot spring resort, Gunma on Jan. 2nd.
The direction of south... toward Mt. Asama (Karuizawa).

The direction of north east... A snowy panoramic view of central Kusatsu town

A full view of the observation deck...

I was on the air with ham radio on 70cm (430MHz) FM and 23cm (1.2GHz) FM there. And an unanticipated situation occurred... I worked with ham radio operators in Katsushika, Tokyo and Nerima, Tokyo clearly. I would like to explain a situation on maps. Distance from Kusatsu to Katsushika is about 150 km (95 miles)


My running gears are ICOM ID-51 (5W) with a whip antenna and ALINCO DJ-G7 (1W) with a whip antenna. These contacts were apparently phenomena due to diffraction caused by mountain ridges. I would like to try again if there are any chances.


A New Year's Dish and a New Year's Soup in Kusatsu, Gunma.

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