Jun 5, 2018

Grilled chicken thigh(鶏もも肉のグリル)

I had lunch at a restaurant serves wine and grills in Machida today.
Salad... and Monser Feteasca Neagra from Romania.
(注)モンシェール フェテアスカ・ネアグラは、ルーマニア産の澄んだガーネット色のタンニンは柔らかくフルーティでしなやかでバランスが良い赤ワインです。口当たりよく、様々な料理に合うとされる。
Feteasca Neagra=ルーマニアの赤マイン「Black Maiden」黒は黒海(Black sea)の意味?
Feteasca Regala=モルドヴァの白ワイン「王家の乙女」

Grilled chicken thigh with salted plum cream sauce... has a little too salty and sour taste but not too heavy... goes well with anything, especially meat dishes such a hot day... and also goes with medium bodied red wine ... yummy!!


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